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Microchips and Collars

Microchip your dog! It may save their life some day. Please keep your contact information current if you move.

When you adopt a dog from AGSDR he or she has a microchip inserted.  If at any time your contact information changes or that of your vet, PLEASE contact and UPDATE the owner information IMMEDIATELY.  This information was included when you received the records and contract we mailed you.

There are multiple microchip companies. Most AGSDR dogs will have a microchip from HomeAgain Pet Recovery.

Another company is AKC Companion Animal Recover.

AKC, Companion Animal Recovery, 558 Centerview Drive, Ste. 250, Raleigh, NC, 27606-3394 



Collars and Identification

It's important that your dog always have on his or her collar and an ID tag with your name and contact information. These tags can be done (by you) at any Petsmart, Petoc or you can order them online (ePetTags or many other online pet stores.)

A Study on Prong Collars - Germany

(And why we support using a prong collar and NOT a choke chain collar.)

A good link for further information:
Prong Collar Info

Last Update : 03/06/2016
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