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Most German Shepherds are athletic dogs. They like running, playing, chasing balls, jumping hurdles and many other activities. They enjoy having a "job" to do and love nothing more than working for their rewards. This is why they are such a versatile breed, excelling in obedience, herding, retrieving, agility, or service work. Working obedience with your dog on a daily basis (even the couch potato variety!) and giving the dog a physical and mental work-out will direct the Shepherd's energy and make for a much happier dog (and you!). A 10-minute "mind" work-out (basic house manners/obedience), playing in the back yard, or just going for a stroll around the block can do wonders for behavior and releasing their energy. Afterwards, most are ready to lay down and relax with the family. Others will need a longer and more focused walk each day.

Last Update : 03/06/2016
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