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In Memory of Tom Chambless

Tom ChamblessTom Chambless, 1952 - 2010

When a sparkling soul touches our lives, it cannot be ignored. Tom Chambless’ soul was a great gleam that encompassed all who knew him with kindness, compassion, humor, and respect.

Tom was always ready for the next challenge, and could be counted upon to bear great burdens and provide great solace. Today, however, those he has left behind must find solace amongst each other as we bear the loss of our great friend, father, grandfather, husband, and teacher.

In the German Shepherd Dog rescue community, the dedication of Tom and his wife Susan was a daily example of purposeful giving. Tom loved dogs fiercely, especially German Shepherd Dogs, and was one of AGSR’s most reliable and dedicated foster parents. Not only did Tom help save the lives of countless dogs, he nurtured each one individually, and taught them all life lessons for their new homes. One could say he did the same for his friends, showing us how to put commitment and hard work ahead of ourselves to benefit the greater good of community. He was often called upon to assist in caring for dogs that many would consider throwaways. Tom would not have abided that. To him, all dogs mattered, and all dogs deserved a second chance. We all remember the “drain ditch puppies” who received a second chance because Tom stepped up.

One of Tom’s passions was training dogs as they waited to find their forever families. Occasionally, however, a special foster dog crossed his path that he could not bear to give up. Although we call these dogs “failed fosters”, the truth is that they hit the rescue lottery when Tom and Susan decided to adopt them into their lives. As one of his final acts, Tom saw his final foster Alex move to her new home on the day of his passing. That day will be a bookmark in all our lives, but let it also be a new chapter dedicated to Tom’s memory and life.

Tom leaves behind his wife Susan, his children Heather, Cheryl, Jennifer, and Brian, five grandchildren, and four-legged family members Max, Bosco, and Chloe. Although we lost Tom Chambless very suddenly, his sparkle will continue to illuminate us all.

Knowing his great dedication to dogs, Tom's family has requested that donations be made in his name to Austin German Shepherd Rescue. If you would like to make a contribution to AGSR on behalf of Tom Chambless, please click on the button below. Thank you.


Last Update : 11/02/2013
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