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Memorials and Gifts

Painting of German Shepherd on a hill

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2014 Memorials and Gifts

In Memory of Kay Olsen

Kay Olsen

AGSDR lost a very dedicated volunteer recently. Kay Olsen was a volunteer for AGSDR for many years. She never turned away a foster dog who needed a soft place to lay their head, and a good meal to fill their belly. She was responsible for saving the lives of many, many dogs who would have been forgotten and thrown away. We, and those dogs, will always be indebted to Kay, and her memory, for her unflagging devotion to the German Shepherd breed. We know that she was met over the Bridge with many wagging tails and lots of happy kisses. We will miss you Kay.

Additonal Memorials from Kay's Friends

Kay was wonderful and patient with her fosters. - Lisa

They don't make them like Kay very often. She was a special lady with a passion and love for what she did. Many a dog were saved because of Kay. You will live on in our hearts and memories, and in the hearts of all you saved. We love and miss you and our lives were better because of you. Rest in peace my friend, Annie

When Kay started volunteering less frequently, most of us didn't know she was sick. We assumed that she, already a very busy lady, was managing an increase in demands on her time from other commitments. We missed her positive can-do attitude, her easy agreement to help here and there, her sensible decision-making, her ability to communicate with clarity and without drama. The dogs to whom she dedicated her time - whether it was fostering, guiding and motivating other volunteers, doing home visits, fundraising - got a second chance to live. She made a difference, she WAS the difference. When we quit hearing from her altogether, most of us didn't know she was in hospice. We cried when we found out. When she passed away we lost a friend, and the world lost a stunning example of the difference a kind, strong, dedicated, compassionate, sensible, positive person can make. Heaven gained another angel. Perhaps she'll be assigned guardian angel duty for the GSD's. - Anonymous

A true angel and blessing to all who knows you Kay. We love you dearly. Your warm loving hand on the soft fur of so many German Shepherds brought peace and contentment into their lives which so many never had before they were blessed to be loved by you. You touched the lives of everyone and everything. - Cathy

The German Shepherd Dogs, and the people who love them, lost a caring, compassionate, comforting presence. We miss you Kay, and we pray for peace and healing for your family. We like to think that maybe you'll be assigned Guardian Angel duty for German Shepherd Dogs who need a miracle in their lives.- A Friend

Kay, your smile and giving heart will be missed. I know that you were met on the other side with many happy, wagging tails.....a tribute to the many lives you touched and saved. Gods Speed. - Kim

In Memory of Zeus

ZeusZeus & Del BoyZeus & Del Boy and CullenZeus

"A tribute to Zeus from Mary, Cullen, Erin, and Del Boy Williams"

I have always wondered what Zeus was thinking as Lacy rescued him and when he got to SSR and realized he was safe. Yes, there was definitely a chain of angels involved in his life before he got to us. I would just like to say that having him in our family, even for so short a time, was a wonderfully happy experience. He settled right in and made us smile every day as he observed his world from his favorite spot in the kitchen. He loved to lay behind Cullen's chair. Zeus's size and beautiful face won him many compliments on almost every walk we took, and his gentle ways had a very calming effect on both dogs and people. He kept his sweet spirit and loving nature throughout, and we miss him terribly. We picture him free of pain and pottering around a green field in a beautiful place and are just so thankful that we had this very special dog in our lives, even for a little while.

A Loving message from Zeus (2002 - September 15, 2014)

I was around 10 years old and had been alone on the streets for a long time. On February 18, 2013 a nice young lady out of the Dallas area by the name of Lacy Milani Ingalls found me suffering on the side of the road. Lacy lifted me into her care and took me to several vets in order to get me some help. Every vet who saw me wanted to let me go because of I was around 10 years old, had heartworms, ear infections, a heart murmur, bad yeast skin infection which left my hair sparse, a tumor on my back, 3 inch nails which had grown sideways which made me hurt to walk. Lacy loved me enough to continue her search to find me a home.

On February 27, 2013 Anne Burkett offered me a home with Austin German Shepherd Rescue. Anne Burkett saw in my eyes that I still had so much more to offer and quickly offered to help me. After getting to the vet, receiving a much needed bath, a slight nail trim, ears cleaned and packed with antibiotic, getting all my vaccinations, the owners of Southern Star Ranch Sharon Perry and Nancy Patton lovingly fostered me, sheltered me from the elements, gave me a warm bed, food, and a ton of love. Since I was so big and stoic, they nicknamed me "Sarge" ha. For the first time in years, I felt it was safe to truly close my eyes and rest. During my time with my Southern Star family, I had many visits from the Mary and Cullen Williams who would take me to Meet and Greets and sometimes bring me home with them to spend the weekend and play with Erin and Del Boy who were to soon become my canine brother and sister. What a happy day when they officially adopted me in May 2013. Mary, Cullen, Erin, and Del Boy gave me the best years of my life. There will never be a love such as the one given to me by this family. I miss them dearly now.

I know that my journey to recovery began long before Lacy found me on the side of the road. I am thankful for all the volunteers who touched my life by giving their hearts at fundraising events so someone like me could be rescued. Each of you left an imprint on my heart. I had a wonderful life because of all of you. You touched my life with your affection, respect, and insurmountable love. You restored my dignity and gave me the happiest years of my life. I promise to continue to watch over you and keep you secure until we reunite at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for loving me,


In Memory of Our Sweet Toby 2003(?)-9/8/14

Toby surrounded by child's toysTobyToby and Madelynn relaxing on the lawn

Toby became a part of our family July 5, 2013 after we had time to heal from losing our sweet Titan December 24, 2012 and getting used to a new baby in the family June 2012, our sweet Madelynn. Our hearts fell in love with Toby. He had a gentle “old man” soul. We estimated his age to be 11-12. He took a short time to learn how to trust and quickly embraced all the attention he received. He was great around our senior cat Kitty and bonded nicely with our other dog Lexy. He especially loved the pitter patter of Madelynn’s little feet, gentle hugs and pets every morning. Toby made himself at home so much that he became a permanent fixture on Madelynn’s playmat and became her new toy.

Toby loved to play ball, go for rides and short walks. Toby liked his new found companion Lexy who loved to entertain him while running around the yard begging him to chase her. Toby watched Madelynn take her first steps and became very protective of her. As we would chase her around the house, he would bark. Toby trusted Madelynn so much he allowed her to brush him gently with a small frying pan. Toby was also very smart. He knew how to turn door handles with his mouth to let Lexy and him outside to bark and play.

Unexpectedly Toby took a turn for the worse when he stopped eating, lost control of his bowels, had great trouble getting up/holding his own weight and had an infection in both legs. While his mind was willing his body was not. And so then came the decision that we dreaded. Having done this twice before, it never gets any easier. Not only did we lose our sweet Toby, but Madelynn lost a member of her security guard. Toby will now be her guardian angel from heaven. We are so grateful for the short time we had with him and know that whatever his life was before us, he knew nothing else but real love, care and companionship before leaving this earth. And we know that we will be reunited with him again. For now, we miss you….rest in peace and know we loved you!

Love, Jim, Jeanine, Madelynn, Kitty and Lexy

Thanks, Alex for Raising Funds for Austin German Shepherd Rescue!

ALex and her lemondade standAlex is a true leader. She took charge as she recruited eight of her friends to make and sell Lemonade to raise funds for all the furry babies of Austin German Shepherd Rescue. This had to be some magnificent tasting Lemonade as Alex and her team raised a total of $112.09. Congratulations for a successful fundraiser Alex and being an ambassador for all the dogs waiting to be rescued into their forever home. Thank you for your kindness in doing this. You are an honorary member of the AGSDR team.




In Memory of Bear

Bear and one of his pack matesBear lounging on the couchHandsome BearBear and his pack

RIP my gentle giant... Few knew what a Shiloh Shepherd was, so when I was asked what you were a mix of, I would say shepherd/shepherd and call you a long haired German Shepherd We don't know where you came from but we will be forever grateful to the Austin GSD rescue who saved you and allowed us to adopt you. You were the best therapy dog EVER. Funny how people would come up to your little brother, the golden retriever, and start petting him without asking at the hospital. YOU they would stand back 4-5ft and tell me how pretty you were . Everyone would call you Bear, little did they know that was only part of you're name. Little kids just seemed to know it was really Teddy Bear. How many times did I hear a sucking sound from a horrified parent as their toddler charged up and grabbed you. My gentle soul you just stood and enjoyed being loved on by any and all kiddo's We knew the time was coming to let you go.... it's now over a week later and we still miss you so. You chased your ball one last time and slowly walked to the backdoor. You seemed happy to do it one last time. Now you can chase the deer for miles and catch your ball forever!


In Memory of Kegan


A generous donation was received in memory of Kegan, AKA, Mr. Handsome. Died, March, 2014. Best friend of Julie (d. Oct. 2013) When Kegan first came into foster care, he had no idea how to accept love and attention or how to play. With patience, kindness and mentoring by his best friend Julie, he emerged into a wonderful gentleman and kind spirit. He is greatly missed.

Liz Coccia

Donation from Art and Ellie McIntosh

A generous donation was received from Art and Ellie McIntosh because they love the babies that they adopted from us-- Max and Lola.

Thank you, Hudson!

Banner "Thank you Hudson from your furry friends"Dog food, treats and leashes

Hudson Taylor recently had his 8th birthday, and instead of presents he asked everyone that attended his party to bring something for the dogs at the Austin German Shepherd Rescue. His grandpa has a German Shepherd named Izzy that he adores and he wanted to give something to help out:) KXAN honored him on channel 36.


In Memory of Leonard

Leonard on the deckLeonard and his buddyLeonard and his cat buddyLeonard with a cookie on his headLeonard chewing on a ball

In loving memory of Leonard, beloved friend of Jenny and Frida

In Memory of Rambo

RamboRamboRambo as a lap dog

After losing three of our beloved shepherds in a short span of time our family wasn’t sure if we were ready to bring another dog into the home. Out of curiosity we often looked over the available dogs on the Austin Rescue site and one day stumbled on a picture of Rambo. He was a big handsome boy that seemed to have a happy smile on his face. We worked with one of your amazing volunteers, Ann, and set up a meet and greet with Rambo. My husband immediately fell in love with Rambo and before you know it we were bringing him home. Rambo did an amazing job of healing our broken hearts and added so much joy to the home. Rambo loved everyone he came in contact with and especially loved to give kisses to our 4-year old grandson. Despite his loving nature with our entire family he was most definitely a “daddy’s boy. He followed my husband around, slept under his office desk, and had an evening ritual where they locked the house up for the night together. Rambo loved “his people” and thought of himself as a 100 pound lap dog!

Just shy of his 1-year anniversary with our family Rambo had two accidents in the home which was not like him. He was acting just a little bit off so we brought him to the vet to have the status of his heartworms checked as he has come to us testing positive. Later that night our veterinarian called us to let us know that he was 100% heartworm free and that his blood screen didn’t show anything to be concerned about. After the phone call we all felt relieved and went to bed without worry. Sadly, at about 1:00am I heard him in the kitchen and I went to check on him. Rambo laid down in front of me and without any warning passed away for reasons we still do not understand. 1-year was just not enough with this sweet loving boy. He had so many years left in him and we are grieving for the time we lost with our gentle giant. We are truly thankful for the time we had with our boy and grateful for AGSR for bringing him into our lives at just the right time.

Roseanne Lucidi

In Memory of Angel 2001 - 2014


We got Angel in March of 2002 and our lives were changed for ever. She was THE most beautiful and gentle German Shepherd you would ever meet. Angel must have had a very traumatic puppyhood before she was saved by AGSDR because she was terrified of everyone and everything. We never even heard her actual bark until we had her for about a year. Crazy, but true! It took several months of training to help her get out of her "shell". After that it took years for her to relax and trust. We finally convinced her that we loved her and that she could trust humans again. She became a wonderful family dog and the "momma" to our 3 other dogs. We will miss her dearly!

Thank you AGSDR for saving her and giving us the opportunity to give Angel a forever home.

Mauro and Michelle Carrera and family

In Memory of Remy

Remy with a kongRemy in the grassRemy

We unexpectedly lost our boy, Remy, on January 30, 2014, to complications from GDV, Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, commonly known as bloat. Remy was rushed into emergency surgery twice, first to address the bloat and remove his spleen, the second time to try to stop bleeding from his liver. Unfortunately, the stress was too much on his aging body and he passed away.

We adopted Remy (Remington) in June 2006 from AGSDR. He was our first (but not last) foster dog and a “foster failure”. My husband grew up around GSDs and this was his way of becoming reacquainted with the breed as an adult. I had never lived with the breed before, but was willing to open my heart and home to them. Remy was a scared young guy, around 2 years old when we met him. He has been found by a kind soul who actively rescues “little” dogs in the Austin area. She saw him being unwillingly led down the side of a highway by several men, a chain around his neck. His angel knew something looked wrong with the picture, so she pulled over and asked the men if they would sell Remy to her. They wanted $100 for him, she offered them a twenty, and the deal was done. Remy willingly jumped into the backseat of her vehicle and she quickly drove off. She said it was at this point she looked into her rearview mirror and realized this very big GSD that she knew nothing about was staring back at her. All was well, though, and she kept him for several days, looking for his family. Remy had no tag, no collar, and no microchip, so she reached out to AGSDR for help. It’s at this point our family came into the picture. I recall seeing Remy’s photo on the AGSDR website, with the caption “I Need a Foster!”. He became our boy from that moment on and we never looked back.

He was a big, furry beast, topping 100 pounds in his prime, and people were either drawn to him or crossed the street when they saw us out for a walk. Despite his imposing size, Remy was one of the kindest, gentlest souls I’ve ever met and he loved most everyone he met. Remy was our elderly neighbor’s fence friend, waiting patiently for her to slip dog biscuits to him through the chain link. He was a proud sentry, barking out the window at everyone who walked by, looking back to make sure you had noticed and offered praise to him. He’d cock his head just so at the mention of “time to eat” or “are you hungry?” Remy loved to go for a car ride and stick his nose out the sunroof, sniffing in the air around him. He loved to shadow you in the kitchen and was very aware he could have that piece of whatever on the countertop…but he never did build up the nerve to reach for it. Remy loved to nap and gave the most exaggerated sighs when he settled in. He was exuberant when our son, his boy, chased him around the house, threatening to give him a hug (Remy hated hugs, but loved the game). Remy was never without a toy close by and often fell asleep with his Kong bone dangling from his mouth.

Remy, you were our “Big Guy”, our “Rem-bot”, and our “Buddy”. We love you, we miss you, and we will never, ever forget you and the many years of love and loyalty you brought to our family.

Cathy Mcclaugherty and family

In memory of Jack AmRhein

A thoughtful donation was made in Memory of Jack AmRhein by his friend, Abbie Hoke.

In Loving Memory of Jack AmRhein ??- Jan 12, 2014

Jack AmRheinJack AmRheim sittingPainting of Jack

My Big Jack was taken from me very suddenly last week....I had never had a male German Shepherd before him...always the girls. Boy, did he change my mind about THAT! The hole in my heart is huge; I have lost both of my beautiful heart dogs in less than a year, first my Bexar, now my Jack. It does comfort me tho to know that he brought so much joy to so many others...RIP my sweet boy . Here is his story....

Jack's story with AGSDR began in late April 2006 as a scared, skinny stray found in Harris County. After being pulled by AGSDR, he was treated for a multitude of things (not the least being Heavy heartworms) and adopted by a family. Unfortunately, their lifestyle did not fit with having a big, hairy, demanding Jack was returned to AGSDR. This is where OUR story October of 2006. I was the only available foster open that weekend, and though I already had one foster dog, I reluctantly agreed to take another. Jack had been "diagnosed" with Severe separation anxiety, and since I worked at night and my husband during the day, we figured my house was the best place for him. I was not super thrilled about having a male dog in the house (I had only had females up to this point)...but I figured I would adapt. The foster drove him all the way from Houston to San Antonio to deliver him to me....when they knocked on the door, in walked the most beautiful, TALL, male German Shepherd I had ever seen.... But boy, did we have work to do.... He had SEVERE separation anxiety, so he had to go into "Alcatraz" when we were all gone (which thankfully, was not often), my super strong steel crate made for "crate destroyers". He slowly learned that we WERE coming back for him, and I assured him that he would NEVER be abandoned again.

He was super thin, and refused to eat. I hand-fed him a raw diet for months until he got used to eating, the routine, and being in a pack. This helped him learn to trust me even more. He was afraid of men and loud noises...Any of you who know my husband know that he is big AND loud....but he also loves animals as much as I do, and after time and lots of patience and hugs and pets, Jack learned to not only trust, but love my husband too. He was a fence-jumper...He honestly looked like a deer going over the fence, his legs were so long and graceful. Any loud noise or anything that startled him....over the fence he went. That was a pretty easy one to fix because I don't leave my dogs outside alone, and he learned pretty quickly that the party going on in our backyard was WAY better than on the other side of the fence!!

Thru all of this, he was the sweetest, most loving, handsome, approachable dog I have ever met....and he was a head-turner. People would grind to a halt in the stores when they saw him, and he was a "kid magnet". He took all of their pets and kisses with an aloof grace, and an occasional sloppy kiss back. He also got along with ALL of my other dogs, and his best friend is my little 5 lb. white male Chihuahua that he loves to play chase with!! I decided that after all of this work, I just couldn't give him up. He was the last adoption of 2006...and he was MINE!! We signed up for "Paws For Service", a group here in San Antonio who visit the troops, nursing homes, ect. (AGSDR has had 3 Paws For Service Alumni....Jack, Snickers, and Hero!) He was the star pupil in class, and never failed to hit his marks when he was supposed to. We visited the troops at BAMC (Brooke Army Medical Center), and he earned his Canine Good Citizenship award. He has brought smiles to many faces of soldiers, children, and the elderly. He has accompanied me on many a home visit for the rescue. He was also the first dog to ever visit a patient in the TexSan Heart Hospital here in San Antonio, where he went to visit my dear friend Evelyn. He made friends with a beautiful little girl who was a Folklorico dancer at Macy's who had never petted a dog before...the look on her face as she petted "the BIG dog" was priceless...

I am so glad that I was the "open" foster home that weekend!! In Loving Memory of Jack AmRhein ??-Jan 12, 2014

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