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Memorials and Gifts

Painting of German Shepherd on a hill

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2013 Memorials and Gifts

In Memory of Tango


A generous donation was made by Bekki and Brian Harvey in memory of their beloved Tango who passed away on October 17, 2013 from congestive heart failure. Tango was adopted from Camp Wolfgang in Ennis, Texas. He quickly became friends with Reagan our adopted female GSD. Tango loved his toys, loved to cruise with us and really liked to go with us to Starbucks to get his daily "Pup-A-Chino" (whipped cream in a cup). Everyone at Starbucks loved to see us come through the drive thru and watch as the barrista would give Tango and Reagan their special drinks. He also liked to visit Lowe's with my husband to check out the latest in tools and home improvement items. We miss him dearly....

Bekki and Brian Harvey

In Memory of Bolt

Bolt was our second AGSR rescue and like our first was a beautiful White Shepherd. We got him as an 8 week old puppy and he grew to be a 105 pound bundle of LOVE. He helped us cope with the loss of our 12 year old shepherd, (BEAR) when cancer overtook him. We thought we would have Bolt for many years to come. Sadly that was not to be the case. At two years of age Bolt started having cluster seizures that were very intense. A MRI revealed brain lesions and despite massive medication and Bolt succumbed to a massive seizure on November 2, 2013. Just two months before his 3rd birthday. While we may not have had many years with Bolt we got a lifetime of Love from this dog. He was a true example of what makes a German Shepherd Special. In spite of the health issue we are Thankful to God for the gift of Bolt.

Paul and Lynne Ayllon

In Memory of Julie


In memory of Julie - she joined the family as a foster and stayed forever.  Missing her every day.

Liz Coccia

In Honor of Liz Coccia and Matt Dunne

Liz Coccia and Matt Dunne

AGSDR received a gift in the honor of Liz Coccia and Matt Dunne and in celebration of their special day.

In Memory of Kobey


In April of 2009 we looked on the AGSR web sight & saw the most pitiful looking dog. He had been rescued in San Antonio weighing only 48 lbs. He was a mature German Shepherd & should have weighed 85 to 90 lbs. We sent in a donation to help him and received a thank you call. I ask if we could meet him and amazingly he was now in Austin only a mile from our home. Well of course the minute we saw him we knew he was the one for us. We had him only three and a half years but we treasure every day we had him. After all he had been through he greeted every one with happiness and joy. He only wanted to love and be loved. On August 12, 2013 we lost him to cancer. We want to thank everyone in the AGSR group without your efforts to save him we would never known this beautiful dog.
Pat & Bob Williams


In Memory of Kobey

A generous donation was made in memory of Kobey Williams by Delma Schoeppler.


In Memory of Athena

Athena with PhoenixAthena was bought from a breeder by her original owner who was going through a divorce. She was locked in a crate for 14 hours a day, while her owner was at work. The owner would also tie Athena to the bedpost at night. The owner gave Athena to a co-worker who kept her outside tied to a tree, then, she was given to a ranch owner who let her “run wild.” The original owner finally called AGSDR and surrendered her to them. It is no wonder that Athena suffered from severe separation anxiety. She was extremely smart and wanted nothing more than to be right by her human’s side. Athena had intensive canine training, where she learned structure, discipline, and trust. With a lot of love, structure, and stability, she finally felt secure in our family. With her AGSDR sibling, Phoenix, (adopted 2 weeks prior to Athena’s arrival), they would fully enjoy life; playing, running, and chasing squirrels for hours on end. Athena succumbed to cancer after living with the awful disease for 11 months. The last few months of her life, she would never leave our side, going room to room with us. She was 115 lbs. (not an ounce of fat) before cancer began to ravage her body. She was a big puppy at heart but fiercely protective of her family. She was our sweetheart and we miss her terribly. She joined her sister, Phoenix, who died April 2012 after complications from emergency back surgery. We were so blessed to have “the girls” in our family; Phoenix for 10 yrs., and Athena for 11 yrs. Thank you, again, AGSDR, for allowing us to adopt these wonderful babies.

Shirley, Kevin, & Rachel Madison

In Memory of Gaston Hebert

In Loving Memory of Bexar AmRhein 2002-2013

Bexar and buddyBexar

All I wanted for my Anniversary in January 2002 was a German Shepherd Puppy. My anniversary puppy. Valentines Day came puppy. Mothers Day puppy. My birthday in August puppy. My set answer for "what do you want" was "a German Shepherd puppy. Christmas morning, before dawn, my husband tucked this wiggly, warm little body in the bed with me and proclaimed "Merry Christmas!" I guess he figured he might as well give in because I was not going to stop asking. Because it was dark, and I didn't have my glasses on, all I could see was this little black ball of fur, and all I could think was "He gave me a BLACK LAB; WHY would he do that? He KNOWS I want a German Shepherd!" As the fur-ball was busy licking and biting me, I managed to turn the lamp on, and realized that it was a solid Black German Shepherd pup! She was, and remains, the best Christmas gift I ever got!

I wanted to name her something "fierce" like MAJOR, CAPTAIN, COLONEL, get the idea.....but in all reality, she looked like a little black bear cub. Bear seemed too "plain" for her I named her Kim's Christmas Bexar (pronounced Bear) after the Presido San Antonio de Bexar, a mission here in San Antonio; she simply became "The Bexar". The Bexar went everywhere with me....simply because leaving her alone was asking for trouble! Her nickname was "Dennis the Menace" because nothing was off limits for The Bexar to get into! The Bexar taught herself to open the fridge...The Bexar taught herself to open the front door (leaving us to install the handle upside down). She squeezed her huge, 100# body thru the cat door to go help Mommy clean the cat boxes....what a good girl!! The Bexar ate fire-starter logs, prompting a call (and a $60 phone consult fee) to poison control! She ate whole pies off of the counter at the holidays in the blink of an eye. She opened the gate and roamed the neighborhood.......... Oh, the stories we can tell about The Bexar.We had to say things in Spanish when we didn't want The Bexar to hear/understand. We laughed that we were going to have to learn German when she figured the Spanish out.

When she was 2 years old, she began having seizures. It took a while to get her regulated on her meds, but she lived the last 9 years of her life with seizures...more with than without. She also developed Pannis, an autoimmune disorder that eventually took her sight. She never let any of these things slow her fact, she was in such good control with her meds, she went a year without seizures several times. We laughingly called her our "million dollar dog", but she was so worth every penny.

She was one of the funniest, most loving fuzzy critters that I have ever been blessed to spend my life with. She welcomed countless foster dogs into her home, and helped gently train every one. She never met a human or dog, big or small, that she didn't get along with. She had a presence about her that let all of the dogs know that she was The Queen, and even my big male dogs never crossed her, not because she ever was ugly with them, but because THEY knew she was The Bexar, and she ruled.......

She never failed to know when I needed a big Bexar kiss or just a snuggle, and gave of herself as only a dog can. The last year was hard on her. Her Big Bexar personality was there, but her body was tired. Her seizures were in control, but her eyesight went fast, along with her hips. It was just time to let my friend go.....

The morning The Bexar crossed the Bridge, she laid her head in my lap and gave me kissses, just like the first morning so long ago when we first met. I miss her big, booming bark and her huge fuzzy presence in both the house and my heart. She is resting now, in a big black urn in her favorite place....right beside my bed, close to Mommy; I miss you my Bexar. I am so thankful I was allowed to have you in my life.....

Until we meet again.....

I Love You.


In Memory of Katherine

An extremely generous donation was made by Franklin memory of Katherine, one of our most dedicated volunteers. She was instrumental in saving so many dogs, and she was taken too soon. She is gone from our lives, but not from our hearts. Thank You Frank; I know Katherine is surrounded by the dogs that she loved so dearly and smiling down on us.

Thank You to James Spates

A special THANKS to Mr. James Spates of Austin for us continued, steady support of are a blessin!

In Memory of Jake


A very generous donation was made by Mr.David McMahon in memory of Jake.

In Memory of Lucky


"In Memory of Lucky, the foster dog who never left". A sweet, loving boy who will be missed terribly by Dave and Beth; they were really the lucky ones. Vaya con Dios Amigo...."

In Memory of Snickers

Snickers in a field of wildflowersSnickers and Evelyn in a field of wildflowers

A generous donation was received from Ms. Anne B Graves and Paige Alyn in memory of Miss Snickers Jacobs. Snickers touched a lot of lives.

Everybody thinks their dog is "the perfect dog", but I know Snickers (or as she was lovingly called "Miss Doodles") was the perfect dog for Evelyn. Everyone who met her fell in love with her immediately. She came to live out her life with Evelyn at the age of 10 after her original owner died, and it was a match made in heaven. Snickers brought a calmness to Evelyn's house that had never been there before. She was patient with the new pup that was brought in, and definately taught him his place in the pack. She was so gentle and loved all of Evelyn's grandchildren, and they loved her right back. And although she was older, there was no doubt that she was a force to be dealt with when a stranger came to the door! That girl had a BIG bark on her! Miss Doodles allowed no foolishness on her watch!! On her last day, she was licking tears from our faces, trying to Mother everybody...just like she always did. We will always remember her with happy tears and fond memories. She was Evelyn's first German Shepherd, but not her last........We miss you Doodles.

In Memory of Emma Stooksberry

Cindy Stooksberry and EmmaA big THANK YOU to Kathy Nagel and Cheryl Bodenhammer for their generous donation in Memory of Emma Stooksberry, Cindy's best friend.







In Honor of Robbie

A generous donation was recived from Laura Wilson in honor of Robbie who was attacked and killed in 2011. Robbie had hip dysplasia and fought a good fight but could not endure the attack. May he rest in peace.

In Honor of Phoenix

A generous donation was recived from Jo Ann Nickell in honor of Phoenix, a very much loved German shepherd.

In Honor of Anne and Cathy Sumner and Hanna

A generous donation in honor of Anne and Cathy Sumner and Hanna was received from Phillip, Merry, Robyn, and Cara Rubins.

In Memory of Phoenix Madison


Phoenix Madison In 2002, Phoenix was approximately 2 years old when she was picked up, as a stray, by Austin Animal Control and taken to Town Lake Animal Shelter. She was rescued by Austin German Shepherd Rescue (AGSDR) just before she was scheduled to be put down. We adopted Phoenix and immediately adopted another girl, Athena, also, from AGSDR. Phoenix and Athena were inseparable. Athena grieves the loss of her buddy and now follows us, like a shadow, moving room to room, never letting us out of her sight. Phoenix was an amazing girl; very talkative, amazingly intuitive, loving and incredibly sweet, but highly protective of her family. She was the perfect girl. We were so blessed to have Phoenix for 10 wonderful years as an integral part of our family. She died April 2012 after multiple (and unpreventable) complications immediately following emergency back surgery. We loved her so very much and miss her terribly! Rest in Peace our precious angel, Phoenix.

Shirley, Kevin, & Rachel Madison

In Memory of Sam

A generous donation was received from Candace Hall in memory of a sweet german shepherd named Sam.

In Memory of Bear

This is given in Memory of our Beloved BEAR. Bear was not a rescue, but in the 12 years we had him he was a mentor to 2 AGSR rescues. Tequila, and older shephard that we had for two wonderful years and now Bolt, that we got as a puppy. Bear potty trained Bolt himself and taught him how to be a gentleman. Bear gave us our Love of the German Shephard Breed. Austin German Shepherd Rescue has helped us make our decision to only adopt from here on. Thank you BEAR for allowing us to share your life for twelve years.

Lynne and Paul Ayllon


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