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Memorials and Gifts

Painting of German Shepherd on a hill

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2011 Memorials and Gifts

In Loving Memory of Katherine Cristiani

Two very generous donations were received in loving memory of Katherine Cristiani, from Klair and Lisa. Even after her passing, Katherine's legacy continues to save the dogs. Her presence is sorely missed by everyone at AGSDR, and she is remembered every day. Katherine's passing continues to be a source of sadness and grief for AGSDR, however her huge heart, sharp smart personality, and love for the dogs is always remembered with smiles.

In Honor of Anne and Cathy Sumner

A generous donation was received in honor of Anne and Cathy Sumner. They adopted their GSD, Hanna, from AGSDR.. Hanna has brought them both much love and joy.
Phillip, Merry, Robyn, and Cara Rubins

In Memory of Titan

TitanTitan at Brushy Creek

It is with very heavy hearts that we share this news about our beloved Titan. He spent Christmas with Jesus and was reunited with Lacy on December 24, 2011. Titan had hemangiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer, that often takes the lives of dogs in just a month. We were so blessed to have Titan for 6 months following the diagnosis of this cancer. To know Titan was to love him. Titan was an owner surrender and was not available for long before we rescued him from the Austin German Shepherd Rescue. The name Titan was so fitting as his bark was fierce, but yet he truly was a gentle giant. We often called him “King” Titan and he welcomed the compliments and pets that strangers gave him. We miss you terribly, Titan, and we love you always.

Jeanine Rains and family

Titan’s Story: I was an owner surrender and didn’t understand at the time why I was being surrendered to AGSDR. I had a bad ear infection and my back leg muscles had not developed well because I had been confined to a small space. I had trouble walking up steps and jumping. The best day of my life was a sunny day in September 2003 when I met a family who had a dog named Lacy at the dog park. They were there to see if they wanted to adopt me so I showed them that I was a very good boy and they chose to take me home that very day to join their family. Lacy and I became instant buddies and when I met Kitty, I didn’t like her much and decided there needed to be a “chain of command” ceremony and I let her know that I was “King Titan.”

I enjoyed being in the backyard with Mom, Dad and Lacy, going for walks and with all the exercise and love that I received, I was able to jump and walk up steps with ease. My bark may have been fierce, but I really was a gentle giant. When Lacy passed in 2009, I was very sad. I had lost my best friend, but Mom and Dad rescued Lexy months later and I enjoyed spending my days and nights with a new companion. She made me feel young again. We were all together until I had to leave them behind and join Lacy in heaven when I grew weak and tired.

I loved Mom and Dad unconditionally and supported them no matter what difficulties they went through, no matter where we lived, and no matter what job they had. I was thrilled when Mom started working at home because that meant more love, more treats, walks and I was proud when Dad decided to become a State Trooper. I was showered with lots of love during the day and liked to brag that I was going to be a police dog by default even though I never joined the force. I would get so excited each time Mom and Dad came home, called my name, fed me my favorite food and treats and took me for walks and rides.

I was so obedient during bath time and especially when I visited the vet. Everyone commented about me saying that I was gorgeous and so well behaved no matter where we went in public. Children loved me and some adults feared me because of my size and big paws. I was a true testament to how much time Mom and Dad put into me and how much love they truly have to give. Unfortunately, with death there is always a good bye and furry family members are never here on earth long enough. We came into each other’s lives at just the right time. For now, I am with Lacy and we will watch over Mom and Dad and we await the time when we can all be reunited together again. Both Lacy and I have brand new bodies and are playing in heaven. I even promised Mom that I would be nice to the Kitty’s in heaven. Just think how truly lonely life would have been had we not had this time together. Thank you Mom and Dad for choosing me, for teaching me, for loving me, for taking great care of me and for praying over me each night when I had cancer. There’s no doubt I will miss everything about Mom, Dad, Lexy and yes, even Kitty and my life on earth, but please know that I’m at peace and to remember me always with love. No one can ever replace me, but I know that another dog is waiting to be rescued in memory of me.

With Love Always, Titan

In Honor of Bruce Hill and Hal McNabb

A generous donation from Vicki Brakl was received in Honor of Bruce Hill and Hal McNabb.

In Loving Memory of Jacob Marley

Jacob MarleyJacob Marley

A generous donation was made by the Dixon Family in Loving Memory of Jacob Marley, our brave, funny, scary failed-foster dog. We are so glad you came into our lives......until we meet again.

In Memory of Kira

Kira with her ballA generous donation was made by the Whalen family in memory of their beloved Kira, adopted September 2006, and passed away November 2011. Kira was well loved, and is missed by her family.






In Memory of Jim Prater

A generous donation was received from Jill Brown in memory of Jim Prater, Tammy Prater's dad who recently passed away. Tammy always told me her dad passed his love of German shepherds to her. He was a good man! :)

In Memory of Thomas Gross

Thomas and buddiesThomas

Generous donations were made by the following individuals on behalf of Thomas Gross:

Mike Brandl and Sona Hardikar -- With love to Amy and Rodney
Kim and Bexar AmRhein -- In loving memory of Thomas Gross, a much-loved kitty.
Irene Bowers -- In memory of Thomas Gross, faithful therapy cat.

Thomas was an extraordinary cat, a cat who beat all odds from the beginning of his life to the end of it. He was loved by everyone -- even dogs and professed cat-haters. He missed his calling as an official therapy animal, but, always ready to hang out on a lap and purr, certainly provided more than his share of therapy to family members and friends. He was beautiful, sweet, bossy, brave, and forgiving. Thomas schooled three dogs, including a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois, on how to interact properly with an indoor kitty; the result was a grudging if awkward friendship. We all miss you, sweet boy, but know you are now back with your beloved brother Blot across the Bridge, watching birds and napping in that perfect patch of sunlight.

Love, Mom, Dad, Valerie, Hollie & Ruthie

In Memory of Thomas Gross

A generous donation was received from Kim and Bexar AmRhein In loving memory of Thomas Gross, a much-loved kitty.

Thank you Eyeore's Birthday Party!

A generous donation was received from Eyeore's Birthday Party!

In Loving Memory of China


In Loving Memory of China....beloved companion of Joey and Tom..adopted 2004. "We will cherish all of the 'wonders of China"....until we meet again.

In Memory of Katherine Cristiani

A generous donation was received from Margaret Lehmann in honor of Katherine Cristiani.

In Memory of Tom Chambless

In memory of and to honor our grandfather, Tom Chambless. We love and miss you, Papa. You are forever in our hearts.
-- Allison, Elizabeth, Matthew, Julianna, Christopher, and Emerson

In honor of Lucille Rosenstock

A generous donation was received from Scott Grabine in honor of Lucille Rosenstock.

Thanks to Mr. Robert Otto

A huge THANKS to Mr. Robert Otto for his continued generous support of our rescue!

A generous donation was made by Kim & Bexar AmRhein "In Loving Memory of Klaus Bures Danna, the Perfect Companion".

What a sweet, gentle, dignified boy..... until we meet again.....

A generous donation was made by Kim & Bexar AmRhein "In Loving Memory of Abbie's Precious Jade".

The squirrels and cats will not be safe in Heaven hard and fast Jader. Give Mira, Trooper, One-Eyed Willie, Penelope, and Klaus our love. You are in charge of them now, and we know you will handle that well....We will see you again. Love you, Kim

In Memory of Klaus Bures Danna

KlausKlaus and Amy

Things I’ve done in my Doggie-Lifetime, by Klaus Bures Danna

Got really REALLY lost in East Texas
Got found after following Mr. Steele’s tractor for awhile and trying to look cute and non-threatening
Ate Bratwurste prepared by Mrs. Steele, just for me
Discovered that Bratwurste and a starved dog’s digestive system don’t go well together
Traveled to Austin with the Steele’s and joined AGSDR
Visited Dell Diamond
Got adopted and moved to Houston
Shopped at Petco once a week, got to pick out something on my own to take home
Went to Mom’s office almost every day, became the office mascot, scared the mail lady
Served as an AGSDR ambassador during Home Visits
Learned to swim (mom calls it “water therapy”, I call it swim or drown)
Got a float coat, to minimize the “drown” part
Had my spleen removed
Had my tummy attached to my chest wall, twice.
Caught a squirrel in the backyard, twice (one fell out of a tree and landed on me, does that count as “catching”?)
Brought a live squirrel into the house through the doggy door as a present for mom
Got a dingleberry stuck between my paw pads
Rolled in week-old cat poop and really enjoyed it!
Hosted other rescue dogs, many times, I liked the ladies!
Posed for website pictures for Mom’s law practice
Wore a blinking orange collar for walks around the block after dark (a bit embarrassing)
Got in a big fight with my brother
Went on “sniffer walks” with Grandpa (he lets me stop and smell the pee-mail)
Played in the snow, in Houston
Made friends with the neighborhood kids
Ate a doggy bed and a blanket, then pooped them out
Evacuated from Hurricane Rita for 13 hours, and tried to hang with the big dogs at Megan’s house
Participated in  Houston ’s first ever hurricane evacuation drill for people and pets after Hurricane Rita
Stayed with Mom in the closet under the stairs, riding out Hurricane Ike (so much for all that drilling!)
Rode around Houston in a Metro Bus, sitting up in the seat with mom.
Rode around Houston in a dogcatcher van demonstration, without ever having to go to BARC
Met an official Houston Police Department horse, and touched noses with him (her?)
Rode the elevator in Mom's doctor's building and met all the nurses
Became a master catcher of red Kong toys
Danced to Elvis Presley music in the kitchen at 2AM with Mom
Splashed in Lake Houston with my brother
Walked in the Galveston surf and rolled in dead crabs and seaweed
Ate a Klondike bar
Slept in air conditioning every night since I moved to Houston .
Became a calendar cover dog in 2009 and dog of the month for July 2011
Led a good life, enjoyed the journey

 - Klaus Bures Danna (aka Highway)

birth ? – 2005 – 7/2/2011

In Memory of Chavo

ChavoForever in our were taken too soon, but in the time we had you, you gave us such joy and love, and we would never trade it for anything. So gentle and understanding, you seemed to know more than us. Your Mom had such plans for you, but now only memories to cherish.You were going to be a reading therapy dog and work with children. You were so good with them. You were good with everyone, dog and human. Why you had to go we don't know, but maybe someday we will. I know you are watching over her, and your buddy Jack. Just know that we will always love you and hold you in our hearts. You will never be forgotten....ever.

Tammy would like to donate the lessons she had purchased for Chavo for therapy work to a special dog that would use them. Please contact us if you have or know of that special canine.



In Memory of Radley

Radley in the snowRadley giving kissesRadley in the snow

"God's finger touched him, and he slept" - Alfred, Lord Tennyson

This week, on Wednesday, May the 18th, 2011, a beloved family member passed away. The dog known as Radley passed on to the other side after battling brain and lung cancer. Radley was a truly amazing dog, and was loved by many. He was very bright and full of energy. His intuitiveness gave him a unique personality that is hard to forget. It is as if Radley thought of himself as a human being, with no limitations to what he could do. He loved to chew his rawhide, run in pastures, and swim in the ocean. He spent the last of his days very happy thanks to a blessed woman who took him in as her own family. Radley will be missed greatly, but is in a much better place now. Rest in peace Radly, you will be missed.

In Memory of Leyna Binney

LeynaLeynaA generous donation was received from Madonna Binney and Robert and Jessica Trimyer in honor of Leyna Binney who left for the rainbow bridge today. Madonna Binney adopted the sweet lady in 2005 from AGSR, and we were all blessed with six wonderful years together. She may have had the body of a linebacker, but it housed the heart of the sweetest angel we had ever known. Keep smiling from above Leyna Bell, and one day we will see each other again.




In Memory of "Jake" Jordan

Jake JordanIn loving memory of "Jake" Jordan, our neighbor's beloved German Shepherd who passed away 4-13-11. He was loved by our close neighborhood...he was a gentle giant....he is greatly missed. Memorial from Barry & Fran Baker.

A generous donation was recieved in memory of Jake Jordon, beloved German Shepherd of Lisa and Dennis Jordan and the Villages of Shady Hollow Neighborhood from Karen Bevill.





In Memory of Katherine Cristiani

Katherine CristianiOn March 31, 2011, the AGSR family lost one of its most dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Katherine Cristiani, 61, passed away at her home in The Hills, Texas, surrounded by her family. Through her actions as a volunteer and her generosity as a donor, Katherine Cristiani helped AGSR save countless dogs. Katherine is survived by her husband Franklyn Prieskop, daughters Lisa and Klair, and beloved German Shepherds Lainey (“The Benevolent Dictator”) and the impossibly photogenic Magnum. Read AGSDR's Memorial to Katherine...



Donations in Memory of Katherine

Lisa Cristiani (In loving memory of Mom)
Alan Moore
Dianne Smith
Dennis Voss
Tiffany & Aaron Lorenzo
Maria & Clint Ferguson
Harold Ellis
Mike Rahimian
Joel Jimenez
Don & Laura Burkley
Mr. Bill Goynes for his extremely generous donation in memory of Katherine Cristiani for her love for Johnny and so many others
Liz Coccia
Austin German Shepherd Meetup -- "In honor of our friend and member, Katherine Cristiani"
Michael Brandl & Sona Hardikar
Ron Ober and Lora Lynn Davis
Jim and Johnny Heidelberg

In Loving Memory of Max Ackrell

A generous donation was received from Wendy and Mike Ackrell in Loving Memory of Max Ackrell, beloved miracle dog of Tarja and Mark Ackrell.

In Memory of Hannah

A generous donation was made by Jennifer Dean in Memory of Hannah.

"In memory of our precious Hannah, who we adopted from AGSR. She is now in heaven and we miss her so much! She was an older female just like Bailey!! xoxoxo"

In Loving Memory of Trigger

TriggerA generous donation was received from Sandhya and Gaurav in memory of Trigger.

"The day we brought home Trigger was the best day of our lives. We had waited for him forever and he was absolutely perfect. He lit up the lives of everyone around him and in his short 8 1/2 months he changed everything for the better. He was gorgeous, incredibly smart and our sun. He took care of us to his very last breath and we miss him with all our hearts. Thank you Trigs for saving us. We love you forever baby boy and couldn't be prouder to be your Momma and Papa. "







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