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Memorials and Gifts

Painting of German Shepherd on a hill

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2010 Memorials and Gifts

A Generous Donation was Received From The Friends of the Forest Foundation

The Friends of the Forest Foundation puts on Austin ’s most famous annual party: Eeyore’s Birthday Party! In good years, Eeyore’s Birthday Party, which is a non-profit organization, is able to donate extra proceeds to other non-profits. Austin German Shepherd Rescue was privileged to be one such recipient in 2010! The 48th Annual Eeyore’s Birthday Party will be held Saturday, April 30, 2011, at Pease Park in Austin . Wear a costume, grab your non-amplified musical instrument of choice, and bring a friend! Happy Birthday, Eeyore, and thank you – from your friends at Austin German Shepherd Rescue! Find out more about the party at

In Memory of Tequila

A huge THANKS to Lynne and Paul Ayllon and Bear for their generous donation in memory of Tequila; she was their angel, and taken from them way too soon. We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl.

In memory of my sweet Leilani Maria and Princess Lora

Princess LoraPrincess Lora with foster brothersLani SwimmingLani in the snowLani

There is not a single day that goes by that I don't think of either one of you. Princess Lora came to me in a great time of need. She was more sick than any of us knew about, but it didn't take anything for her to reach in and take control of our hearts. She was only with us for a short time, but in that short time she certainly knew what it was like to be a member of a family and be loved. She had her two foster brothers, Duke and Jace to play with and there was never a day that she didn't play until she went into the hospital.

And then of course there is my sweet Leilani Marie. She wasn't adopted through AGSR, but she is the reason I am a part of the AGSR family today. She taught me what it was like to be loved unconditionally. There are many stories of her, but the stories that I love the most and tell the most is that she could break out of any hotel room we ever left her in. We could be gone for 10 minutes or 2 hours and lo and behold, when we got back to the hotel, she had found a way to get out and be playing with the kids around, or just be sitting outside the room waiting for us to return.

The swimming pool that she is in in this picture was built for her and I and we usually swam from March until November, as long as the water was at least 65, we were in it. It was one of her favorite things to do. One of her last outings was to go to the Easter 'Begg' Hunt at Three Dog Bakery in March and boy did she have fun. She was in her walker and she could just run and walk and keep up with all of the other dogs, just like she wanted to. But what I miss most of all is her sweet kisses and her loving nature. I miss seeing her first thing in the morning laying next to my bed and first thing when I walk into the house from wherever I have been, she was always right there, even when she could hardly get up and move around any more. I miss you more than anything my sweet girl, I love you and I will see you when we cross that Rainbow Bridge together. Until then, please take care of sweet Princess Lora, she didn't get to have a lot of fun in life, but her last couple of weeks with us were the best that she could have.

Love Mom and Dad (Brenda & James Larsen)

Tom ChamblessIn Memory of Tom Chambless

Tom Chambless, 1952 - 2010

When a sparkling soul touches our lives, it cannot be ignored. Tom Chambless’ soul was a great gleam that encompassed all who knew him with kindness, compassion, humor, and respect. Tom was always ready for the next challenge, and could be counted upon to bear great burdens and provide great solace. Continue reading our memorial to our friend Tom Chambless....


In memory of Tom Chambless, tireless rescuer and friend to all, generous donations have been made by:

In Memory of Bob Jennings

A huge THANKS to Lynn Ayllon for her very generous donation in memory Bob Jennings. We at AGSDR are very sorry for your loss, but grateful to you for remembering our dogs in this wonderful way

In Memory of Pastis

PastisIn memory of Pastis, loving companion of friends Barb and Pete. She will be missed.

Phil, Liz, Julie and Kegan





In Memory of Glenn David Warren

A heartfelt THANKS to Linda Turner for her generous donation in the Memory of Glenn David Warren.

Huge Thanks to Craig and Shelly for Donations for Hero

HUGE THANKS to Craig and Shelly for their generous donation of money and time to help HERO.....We are confident he will transform into the handsome dog we all know is in there, and your donations will definately help with that!

Big Thank You to Kelsey for Raising Funds During the Capital of Texas Triathlon

St. Edward's University student Kelsey Long competed in the Capital of Texas Triathlon on May 31st -- and raised money for AGSDR while she trained! Kelsey is a dedicated volunteer for AGSDR and we are thrilled with her success and dedication to our cause.

In Memory of Wylie, Hopper and Princess Lora


In loving memory of Wylie, Hopper, and Princess Lora. Not a day goes by without memories of you. You are loved and missed, and always in my heart!

Anne Stutz

In Memory of Big Moose

Big MooseBig Moose in his dog wheelchair

"Big Moose" was the devoted companion of Ryan Maynard for 10 years, until he lost his battle with degenerative myelopathy in August 2010. In memory of his best friend, Ryan donated Big Moose's wheelchair and other mobility equipment to AGSR so that another dog going through this debilitating disease will be able to enjoy mobility for as long as possible. We mourn with you, Ryan, and thank you and Big Moose for your generous donations.

The AGSDR Family

In Loving Memory of Sarge...2003-2009

Sarge and SuseBeloved companion of Matthew Stone;
til we meet again...






In Memory of Heidi

HeidiI don't know if you guys remember me or not but on Sept 23rd, 2001 I was the lucky one to adopt Heidi through your organization. I just wanted to touch base to "complete the circle" as my most beloved best friend and companion passed away very early Sunday morning. She was the smartest, prettiest, sweetest and most loyal friend I have ever had. I am saddened beyond words she is gone... The main thing I wanted to relay to you though was that when she rescued me on that autumn sunday afternoon, she had had an unknown, but troubled past. She was super fierce and aggressive, especially towards men. At best she was neglected but more likely abused. I jokingly (not really though...) told all my friends that first met her, "don't worry, she is fine-just don't make any sudden movements!" From those early days in 2001 she progressed rapidly and it became very quickly obvious that she wasn't fierce, just scared and trying to protect herself. I was always protective of her and her past and never put her in situations where conflict could occur but to see her transformation was a sight to behold! She was loving and sweet and all of my friends and family were amazed. We had the most amazing adventures and fun and her troubled past turned into a charmed life, for me and her. She died in my arms and I will never be the same. I put together this simple slideshow that is a good illustration of how wonderful she was.

Thank you for the past 9 years.

Tom Coplen

Thanks to Bryce Danna

A huge THANKS to Bryce Danna for his unwavering devotion to our mission of saving German Shepherd Dogs. Bryce, your regular donations are much appreciated!

Thank You to Lynne Ayllon

Lynne Ayllon is a VERY generous supporter of German Shepherd Rescue! Lynne, our dogs are very blessed to have a friend like you! A sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your continued donations!

In Honor of Celeste Jefferson

AGSDR received a very generous donation from Mary Capps in honor of Celeste Jefferson. Celeste was an amazing person. She was a joyous soul with an infectious laugh. Many of her friends knew her from high school but, even after years apart, she welcomed us back into her life with open arms. And just as important as her family and friends was her beautiful GSD, Raina. Sadly, Celeste recently passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, so in her honor and to recognize her love of life, laughter, and all creatures great and small, we make this memorial.

In Honor of Ruth Waechter

AGSDR received a very generous donation from Mary Boardman in honor of Ruth Waechter.

In Memory of Blek

A generous donation was made in memory of Blek, a Harris County Constable Precinct 4 K-9 Deputy, who was killed in the line of duty on December 21, 2009.

In Memory of Trinka Brannon


I found Trinka in a multiple-dog German Shepherd Rescue foster home, when she was five years old. Her caretaker Linda and all the dogs and I walked and visited, and then the dogs were put back in their various safe spots around the house. Trinka was in a neighboring room, out of earshot. Linda and I sat down in her kitchen to have a little lunch and talk, and though I had no intention of making a decision the same day, pretty soon I told Linda that I wanted to take Trinka home with me. No sooner were the words out of my mouth than Trinka knew the decision had been made. Now, nine years later, I’ve forgotten precisely how it was made so clear to me—somehow, her voice, her eyes, and her body language changed. And ever after that, until this Chrismas Eve, Trinka was with me.

Trinka was with me roaming around the Peacock Gap golf course outside our garden gate, a block from the San Francisco Bay. She’d make wide circles around me, checking in often enough to keep me from worrying in the near-total darkness. Trinka was with me walking and running on the cool beaches, near Mendocino and on Point Reyes. She was with me when we found our next Shepherd, up near the Oregon border in Yreka. Boudreau was bigger and wilder and stronger than she was, but she told him who was boss and then accepted him. Trinka was with me, barking and barking despite being thrown around, while everything else came to a standstill after my minivan was struck broadside on the way to get Chinese take-out. (She always insisted on sitting on the back seat without a seatbelt.) She was with me when the Iraq War began, and for the 2004 and 2008 elections.

Trinka was with me on the long trip from California to Texas--as the Japanese took pictures of Boudreau at the Grand Canyon, as we bought jewelry from Indians on the side of the road, as we nearly ran out of gas to die of Texas heat, three animals and two people. Half-hiding the dogs and cat as we all slept in motel rooms across country.

Trinka was with me when we lost Boudreau, and when we found Rudi. No matter how they behaved, she stayed the same. She was with me when when I lost my brother and when our cat Squimpy went blind. She was with me when my breast cancer returned, and when my melanomas appeared and were cut out. She was with me when my father had surgery, and when I learned to live with his dementia.

Trinka was with me when she shook in fear of the thunder and lightning. She was with me over and over at the vet’s to see how we might help her live with her pain. She was with me when she started to lose her eyesight and her hearing. Trinka was with me when her legs hurt too much to use them in the old ways, though she would still climb the stairs if she thought I was up there too long.

Trinka was with me when we thrilled to the beautiful Texas skies and made ourselves at home in this friendly place. She was with me when our neighbors didn’t freak out when one of our dogs was loose or lost. Trinka was with me when we planted flowers and trees, hung Christmas decorations, cleaned the pool, and made fires. When we painted the house, moved in furniture, cooked great meals, and ate them with friends in the dining room or out on the patio in the warm nights. Trinka was with me when we adopted two kitten brothers, and when we all six walked in the mornings.

Trinka was with me when I went to sleep and when I woke up. When I was crying, talking, thinking, grieving, laughing, worrying and rejoicing.

Because of all this, she’ll always be with me.

A big Thank You for the generous donation in Trinka's honor!

In Memory of Blot

A generous donation was made by Sona Hardikar and Mike Brandl in memory of Blot.

BlotBlot's mom was privileged to live with him for almost 15 years. Even people who didn't care for cats were taken by Blot, because he had such an in-your-face personality. Quite the character, he had a way of making you "do" for him -- Open that door! Give me treats! Yell at the dogs! Clear me a space to sleep on! He shared the majority of his life with fellow cats Thomas (his bonded life-brother) and Valerie, and later, with another kitty and a few dogs. Blot was social and friendly -- the Wal-Mart Greeter of our household -- but morphed into Devil Cat when he had to make a trip to the vet. Wiley and charismatic, he acted like a tough guy when he needed to, but quickly melted into a complete mama's boy when the mood struck. Blot started life as a sickly kitten and had medical issues throughout his earlier years, but as a senior, gained strength and vitality. We called him Benjamin Button because he appeared to be aging in reverse. His life was tragically cut short on January 9, 2010 and his family still can't believe that he is gone. Bot-Bot, we are so sorry about what happened to you, and we miss you so much. Please forgive us. We will all see you again someday.

Love, Mom & Dad (Amy & Rodney Gross), Thomas and Valerie


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