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Memorials and Gifts

Painting of German Shepherd on a hill

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2007 Memorials and Gifts

Another generous grant from The Woodlands Dog Park Club of Montgomery County Texas (2007)

The grant and other generous donations were made by Gretchen and MaggieWoodlands Dog Park Club friends — furry and not so furry —
in Loving Memory of Gretchen and Maggie, beloved friends of the Leonard family.

GretchenMemories of Gretchen: Gretchen joined our family 8 years ago, the pup of our daughter’s two German Shepherds, Hank and Hannah. Instant friendship ensued with our other Shepherd, Maggie, and we became a foursome!!!! On family get-togethers, Gretchen and Maggie would join all their “cousin” dogs and have a play-fest out at her country birthplace. She was a happy, inquisitive dog and loved many things---She loved walking in the woods, especially state parks; she loved The Woodlands Dog Park, of which she was a charter member, and she loved riding with Maggie in the '68 Mustang. She was intelligent, loving and gentle, but most of all, she was a very special friend and we will miss her forever.


MaggieMemories of Maggie: Fourteen years ago Maggie was a surprise Christmas present from our grandchildren!! What a wonderful gift! She found her way into our hearts immediately and quickly became one the best walkers in The Woodlands. Every morning she and Paul would explore the woods—many of which have now been replaced by homes, shopping centers and golf courses; she would walk forever, sometimes carrying home huge, wonderful sticks all the way home. She was delighted when we added Gretchen to our family and they formed a close friendship that lasted all their lives. She also enjoyed The Woodlands Dog Park, of which she was a charter member. The sound of the leash or the hum of the Mustang was always music to Maggie’s ears. She was a wonderful friend and we will miss her forever.

— Stephanie and Paul Leonard


In Memory of Leslie Willson

Generous donation by Helen Green (Tierra Linda Ranch) in memory of long time friend, Leslie Willson.

Mr. Willson and his wife Jeanne had a long series of German Shepherds, whom they loved dearly.

In Loving Memory of Foster Foster

Foster FosterFoster was adopted from AGSDR in 2002 and passed away this year (2007).
His human friend, Debbie, shared his story with us:

To say that it was “Love at First Sight” is no exaggeration. The picture Anne posted of Foster on was the first time I ever saw this beautiful animal. He had the most piercing eyes and the sweetest face that I had seen in a very long time. I was just browsing that day, but immediately knew I needed to meet this fellow.

When I spoke to Anne for the first time, she explained that Foster was one of those special guys that had been very abused and mistreated. As I later found out, he did have some really strange phobias and fears. However, he did love to “sing along” with the sirens and he loved to be praised for his beautiful voice.

Foster FosterIt was so great to see him blossom as he learned that he had found a secure place to call home. Watching him learn to just be happy and relaxed was one of the greatest gifts he gave to me. I was so touched to see his bravery and trust in me.

I always called him “My special little angel” and now he really is.

Thanks, Anne.

Debbie Foster




In memory of Boz

Boz"We lost this wonderful family member in 2005 at the age of 12. Boz was the most compassionate, intelligent, and the funniest member of our canine family. Extremely protective of children. Always in our hearts. Your adoptive earthly guardians will never forget those wonderful years. You blessed us in many ways."

Donation from Don and Pat Grainger




In loving memory of Bebe Bruhn

BebeBebe MemoriaOur beloved friend, faithful companion, and cherished family member


Pete & Marsha Bruhn

...forever in our hearts...








In Loving Memory of Michael P. Corder

A very generous donation has been made to AGSDR in loving memory of Michael P. Corder, MD, Col., USA, Retired; 1-20-40 to 6-7-04

Said his wife, Jan:

"Mike loved his German Shepherds and would be pleased to know that an organization such as yours exists to care for these beautiful dogs."

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