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Available Dogs: Tabor

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Rescued german shepherd Tabor


Sex: Male
Breed: GSD
Estimated Age: 2 1/2 Years
Color: Sable
Estimated Weight: 75 lbs
History: ACS Abuse Case
Housebroken: Yes
Location: San Antonio, Texas

Adoption Status:
Adopted 3/17
Estimate of Health Status:
Animal Interaction Observations
All interaction between animals should
be supervised at all times
Child Interaction Observations
All interaction between animals and
children should be supervised at all times

Tabor, a sable german shepherd Tabor, a sable german shepherd Tabor, a sable german shepherd Tabor, a sable german shepherd standing on three legs Tabor, a sable german shepherd

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Meet Tabor. This handsome boy is about 2 1/2 years old. The first couple were very rough to say the least. Due to neglect Tabor came to us very skinny with a matted coat. He was also suffering from a leg injury that was never treated and subsequently healed incorrectly. The injury to his leg required it to be amputated however this has not slowed him down at all. People ask all the time if there is anything he can't do and my response so far is, "He can't scratch his right ear." He is completely healed and most of the time people don't notice the missing leg until later. Tabor is now a healthy 75lbs and his coat is soft and full. He is neither timid or fearful for a dog that was treated so poorly. He is outgoing, strong and confident. He adjusts to new experiences well. Tabor is highly food motivated and owner focused which should make obedience training a breeze. Tabor is unusual for a shepherd, he will go up to anyone for attention and demand to be petted. He loves to be brushed. Tabor is well behaved and we have had only a few incidents of inappropriate chewing. It usually occurs when he wants attention but most of the time he will grab one of his toys. He does well at the dog park with other dogs but can be a bit bossy when he plays. What he really loves is going on hikes and walks. He also rides very well in the car and usually lays down until he gets to wherever you're going. I wouldn't suggest Tabor for families with small children due to his exuberance, he may knock them down. I have seen him try and herd them by pulling on their clothes. Tabor is currently living with three cats. He tries to engage them in play and gives them attention. Please consider giving Tabor the forever home that he deserves.

NOTE: In our experience many German Shepherd Dogs are very good with kids. In our bios, we may provide information on our experience with a particular dog and children. However AGSDR discourages ALL unsupervised animal/child interaction. Children should be supervised at all times when they interact with ANY animal, whether it is a horse, dog, cat, bunny, lizard, or any other species. Even loving household pets can have a grumpy day, or otherwise get tired of a child's attention, so proper supervision is essential for the well being of any child and any pet.

The entire biography of this dog is based solely upon our volunteers' experiences with the dog. The dog's age and weight are estimates, and statements about the health, temperament, training, and ability to get along with other animals, children, cats and other dogs, are estimated solely based on our volunteer's experiences with this dog. Your experiences with this dog may be quite different than those of our volunteers.

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