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Available Dogs: King

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Rescued german shepherd King


Sex: Male
Breed: GSD
Estimated Age: 4 Yrs
Color: Black
Estimated Weight: 75 lbs.
History: Unknown
Housebroken: Yes
Location: Austin, Texas

Adoption Status:
Adopted 6-17
Estimate of Health Status:
Animal Interaction Observations
All interaction between animals should
be supervised at all times
Child Interaction Observations
All interaction between animals and
children should be supervised at all times

King, a black german shepherd King, a black german shepherd King, a black german shepherd King, a black german shepherd King, a black german shepherd

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King is a strong and strikingly handsome German Shepherd who loves to explore his surroundings. A very sweet boy who’s had a rough beginning, King was rescued from an environment of neglect and even at 75 lbs, is still recovering from being underweight. King is a healthy boy with gorgeous markings. While in our care, he has gotten along well with other big dogs. King is not cat friendly. King is neutered, micro chipped, and current on all vaccinations.

A loving boy who loves to play with his Jolly ball, pushing the Jolly ball around the yard with his nose and making it roll so he can chase it...definitely makes him Jolly.. One of his favorite things to do is play hide and seek with you. He enjoys receiving treats as his reward for locating where you went. He enjoys playing chase with you as well.

Truly one of the most handsome German Shepherds you will ever see. King is enjoying his new life and freedom with his AGSDR family. The ideal home for King is one that’is active able and willing to spend a lot of quality time with him. Due to his size, his new family should have no less than a 6 foot fence, he can easily get over anything shorter. The family that opens its heart to King, and patiently and lovingly teaches him he is an integral family member who is loved unconditionally as he will love you, will discover one of the strongest bonds imaginable.

NOTE: In our experience many German Shepherd Dogs are very good with kids. In our bios, we may provide information on our experience with a particular dog and children. However AGSDR discourages ALL unsupervised animal/child interaction. Children should be supervised at all times when they interact with ANY animal, whether it is a horse, dog, cat, bunny, lizard, or any other species. Even loving household pets can have a grumpy day, or otherwise get tired of a child's attention, so proper supervision is essential for the well being of any child and any pet.

The entire biography of this dog is based solely upon our volunteers' experiences with the dog. The dog's age and weight are estimates, and statements about the health, temperament, training, and ability to get along with other animals, children, cats and other dogs, are estimated solely based on our volunteer's experiences with this dog. Your experiences with this dog may be quite different than those of our volunteers.

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