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Adoption Application

It is important that you have read through our adoption process info before you apply

IMPORTANT: If you are not ready to have a new dog in your house within the next couple of weeks, please wait until you are to apply! The general turn around time from application submittal to adoption is one, sometimes two weeks.

Most dogs need a minimal transitional period of several weeks. Plan for the first couple weeks to be challenging. Adding a new dog to the family upsets the balance of your current “pack” no matter how good the match is. Your resident dogs will be stressed, your new dog will be stressed and you may be stressed as a result.

IMPORTANT: Please download and fill out the Foster Application Form completely, including every section and then email it to This form is a Microsoft Word file.

RENTERS and OWNERS of Shared Roof Residences

Renters of any residence, as well as Owners of shared roof residences (such as a duplex or condominium or townhouse), must acquire an addendum to our application.

If you rent or lease your home or apartment, or if you rent, lease or OWN any style of multi-family or shared-roof housing, this applies to you!

If you rent, seek this addendum from your Landlord. If you own, seek it from your Homeowner's governing body, (usually a HOA). We can NOT process your application without this information. Please send it simultaneously with your application, and see below for a link to the required elements. A copy of your current lease or HOA bylaws is not what we are interested in, so please save yourself time and do not send those!

WHY? Rental agreement renewals, and HOA bylaws for shared roof residences are particularly subject to change when there are complaints, or when personnel/management/ownership changes, etc.

ELEMENTS - The addendum letter on letterhead from your Landlord or HOA must contain certain verbiage in order to verify and protect your right to keep your GSD on the premises, even if the management, ownership, pet policies, or HOA bylaws CHANGE in the future. Please read the requirements here. This letter serves to create an enhanced right to your continued ownership of your dog, even if building ownership, management, pet policies, or HOA bylaws change.

Thank you! We look forward to receiving your application!

Adoption Application Form

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