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Adoption Requirements for Renters and Owners of Shared Roof Residences

If you:

  1. rent a house or apartment,
  2. own a Condo regulated by a Condo board, (this is called a shared roof residence)
  3. live in a Duplex, (this is also called a shared roof residence), or
  4. live in any other multi-family or shared roof housing, this applies to you!

AGSDR apologizes for this would be inappropriate for us to put a previously rescued dog in jeopardy due to leasing or shared roof arrangements.

We get too many dogs in rescue because someone's landlord or condo board either creates, or decides to enforce, a restriction on pet weight, breed, or just pets in general.  AGSDR must act in the best interest of the dog and require proof of landlord or shared roof board permission.

We'll need a letter from your landlord or shared roof board with a signature/date on letterhead.
Please note that a copy of your pet policy is NOT sufficient, as pet policies may change during the duration of your ownership of your GSD, particularly in lease situations, and in shared roof housing situations.

The letter must:

Thank you for understanding that our job is to work in the dog's best interest, and we are not trying to make adoption impossible for renters or for owners of shared roof residences. All of our GSD's need a good loving family, and we hope that both renters and shared roof residence homeowners have the opportunity to share their homes with a wonderful GSD.

Last Update : 02/14/2016
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