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Steps in the Adoption Process

Before You Adopt: Consider the following...


Your application will help us determine which, if any, of our German Shepherd Dogs is a possible match for you. Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your answers. After we receive your application, you will be notified via email that it has been received. AGSDR volunteers process applications as quickly as time permits, and strive to process applications within 14 days of receipt.

Renters are required to submit a Landlord Letter concurrently with their application. Owners of any shared-roof residence such as town homes or condominiums are required to submit a Permission Letter concurrently with their application.

RENTERS, and OWNERS of Shared Roof Residences

Renters of any residence, as well as Owners of shared roof residences (such as a duplex or condominium or townhouse), must send an addendum to the application.

The addendum letter on letterhead from your Landlord or HOA must contain certain verbiage in order to verify and protect your right to keep your GSD on the premises, even if the management, ownership, pet policies, or HOA bylaws CHANGE in the future. Please read the requirements here. This letter serves to create an enhanced right to your continued ownership of your dog, even if building ownership, management, pet policies, or HOA bylaws change.  A copy of your current lease or HOA bylaws is not what we are interested in, so please save yourself time and do not send those!

Vet Reference Check

Please contact the veterinarian(s) who have cared for your current or past pets, and give them permission to release information to AGSDR.  AGSDR can not process applications absent veterinarian verification of appropriate care for current and past pets.

Personal Reference Check

Your references will be contacted for their opinions on your pet ownership abilities. Family members may not be used as personal references.

Home Visit

Upon approval of the vet reference check, you will be contacted and a home visit will be arranged. No adoptions will be approved without a home visit.

Out-of-Area Adoptions

We process out-of-area adoptions only as volunteer time allows. Preference is given to Austin, Texas based applications.

Final Approval

Upon completion of your vet reference check and home visit inspection, an adoption coordinator will contact you via email. AGSDR is an all-volunteer organization, and members process applications during the time they dedicate each week to volunteer activities. Please allow one to three weeks to process, review, and approve your application.

Finding the Right Dog

Once you are approved to adopt, you may meet as many dogs as you like, and discuss each one at length with the foster family.  Each of our dogs live with a foster family where they are treated as an important part of the family. They are given love, attention, boundaries.  AGSDR foster families look for a "forever home", a good match for both you and the dog. The foster family may decide that the dog they are fostering is not a good match for you, and AGSDR will re-direct your interest to a more suitable dog or another organization.

Cost, Contract, and Release of Liability

Once an adoption is approved, the adopter and an AGSDR representative (usually the foster home or adoption coordinator) will complete and sign the Adoption Agreement and Release.

Cost – The adoption fee is a minimum of $300 for all dogs 1 year and older. For puppies we ask for a $350 minimum adoption fee.  If a dog has required extensive veterinary care or expensive rehabilitation prior to adoption, the adoption cost may be increased as a result.

Adjustment Period

There will be an adjustment period when you first bring your dog home, for you and your dog. The adjustment period can range from hours, days, weeks, or up to a few months.   Please consult with AGSDR or a professional trainer if your dog has trouble adjusting to your home.

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